So here’s the idea…still work in progress, looking to further develop it to become a model that can be used in different brainstorm situations. Currently actively reaching out to students! This is what the idea is all about:

Bringing in different points of view, structured perspectives, taking a step back to look at something from a distance, can open up minds at the beginning of a process, leading to new and sometimes unexpected paths.

The Straight Circles Universal PERspectives, or SCUPER, bring in exactly what the name says: perspectives. The perspectives are universal in their characteristics in that they are applicable to a range of situations, and they encourage zooming out instead of bringing in focus (that’s for a later stage).

SCUPER can be applied to a range of situations such as products, services, organizations or projects.

The perspectives are defined in six parameters.

Time: From the origin to use and what’s left behind.

Space: Where do all parts come from and where will they be used?

Purpose: What is the overall purpose and are there additional goals?

Role: In which larger process or system does the defined product or service play a role?

Mimicry: Is the purpose achieved in different ways in nature, or in other cultures?

Flipped: What happens if you take out one of the parts or if you reverse the order in the process?

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